АF TruckCenter

Certified Scale

Weigh-in for just $10.50.
Re-weigh for $2

(Must be the same vehicle (tractor & trailer).

*Scale prices are for the same vehicle (tractor & trailer).Re-weigh must occur at the same truck center, within 24-hours of the original weigh-in.Customers must present theoriginal scale ticket to unlock the re-weigh discount.


We stand by our scales and guarantee accurate gross weight and axle weights. Should you incur an overweight fine from the state after our scale showed you at legal weight, we will immediately check our scale.If the error is with our scale, we will reimburse you for the fine. If our scale is accurate, we will provide an АF representative who will act as a witness on your behalf.If you have questions about our scales, call 555-555-5555 anytime for assistance.